Program and Purpose

ALA Arkansas Girls State is a program of education, which has been sponsored by the ALA Department of Arkansas since 1942.  It has provided training for over 55,000 Arkansas young women in the fundamental aspects of citizenship and government.  The purpose of ALA Arkansas Girls State is to educate young women in the duties, privileges, and responsibilities of American citizenship and to provide an opportunity for them to practice those skills as they elect their own officials, organize their own legislature, and have official visits with their respective counterparts at the Capitol in Little Rock.  It is the hope of the ALA and the Arkansas Girls State staff that participant leave the program equipped and ready to be active and engaged members of their communities and future voters.

Eligibility and Selection  

Eligibility is limited to any young woman in her Junior year of high school (prior to starting the 12th grade).   Girls are selected by either their school or local ALA unit on the following qualifications: 


Applications and Deadlines

Notification and Application Registration Forms are sent to the local Unit President and/or high school counselors.  The deadline for all applicants must be submitted to the American Legion Auxiliary—Department of Arkansas Headquarters for 2019 will be announced soon.  The non-refundable payment of delegate fees must be submitted with the application.

Fees and Sponsorship

The cost of the six-day American Legion Auxiliary Arkansas Girls State Session is $225 per Delegate and must be attached to the Registration Application at the time it is submitted to the Department Headquarters for processing. 

The ALA Arkansas Girls State program and Delegate Fees are expected to be paid through sponsors, and not by the student and/or parents.  In most cases, the high school and or local Auxiliary unit assists in locating sponsorship funds from local business and civic organizations.  Sponsoring organizations may share expenses.  The delegate fee is NOT to be paid by the delegate or their family,

If you have been selected to attend ALA Arkansas Girls State, and are unsure of your Delegate Fee payment, contact your school and/or local American Legion Auxiliary Unit for details.

Deposits and fees listed in the delegate information packet, transportation to and from the ALA Girls State Session and any spending money which the delegates may desire are the only monetary obligations of the delegate.

All fees to the ALA Arkansas Girls State Session are Non-Refundable. If the delegate must cancel attendance to ALA Arkansas Girls State they should notify their school AND the American Legion Auxiliary Headquarters. All fees are non-refundable, and  timely cancellation will allow for an alternate from the delegates school to attend her place.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Delegates will not be allowed to arrive late, leave early, or “check out” for any part of the session.  Delegates who cannot attend the entire session should not be selected as delegates.