ALA Arkansas Girls State Staff

Program Director
Charlotte Wilson
The Director is appointed by the Department (State) President and serves one year. She oversees all of the preparation associated with Arkansas Girls State (AGS) on the campus of Harding University and is assisted by a committee comprised of members who also are appointed by the Department President.

Department President
Dr. Barbara Johnson
Highest Elected office for the state of Arkansas in the American Legion Auxiliary.

Committee Members:
Naomi Borchert, Chairman
Charley McAfee, Vice Chairman
Sherry Fikes, Committee Member

During ALA Arkansas Girls State, these volunteers along with approximately 25 additional men and women serve to provide the best experience for all citizens. Below are some of the positions and their responsibilities.

Junior Counselors

These young women recently attended ALA Arkansas Girls State and were chosen by the staff to return as junior counselors. They serve a variety of roles and duties, all of which are invaluable to the busy weekly schedule.

Senior Counselors
Senior counselors are young women who attended ALA Arkansas Girls State and served as a junior counselor for at least two years. They serve as the liaison between junior counselors and the senior staff. 


Other Support Staff Members

There is a Nurse assigned to serve on staff throughout the entire week. Girls can seek medical attention at any time. Over-the-counter medications can be administered if the citizen’s physician signed the health form as indicated. If warranted the nurse will arrange a citizen to be seen by a doctor. Parents are called immediately if this occurs.

AGS Shop and Canteen
The AGS Shop and canteen is conveniently located on the campus of Harding University and is staffed by a great group of ladies and volunteers.  They are open several times throughout the day. The store has AGS souvenirs including the snacks, drinks, and convenience items that, over the years, have been frequently requested. City Photos and the Souvenir Picture CD is also sold at the store; however, since the CD will contain pictures from the entire week, the actual CD will be professionally copied immediately after Arkansas Girls State and mailed to your home.

Choir/Band Director
Citizens who love to sing or play a musical instrument can join the Arkansas Girls State choir or band. The ALA Arkansas Girls State Band and Choir practice daily and perform before the Inauguration Ceremony.

Each ALA Arkansas Girls State session elects state-wide constitutional officers such as Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, etc. The elected governor returns for the next session as the “official head of state,” serves as chair of all assemblies and fulfills any other responsibilities as directed.

The student elected to Governor may receive a special full scholarship to selected universities in the state of Arkansas.

Girls Nation
Two students will be selected to attend American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation in Washington, D.C.

Samsung Scholarship
All qualifying attendees are encouraged to submit applications to the Samsung Scholarship where one or multiple students may be recipients of this generous scholarship program.