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2018 Governor: Elizabeth “Lizzy” Bermudez from Bentonville West High School

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“Great having Girls State at the Capitol yesterday. I know all of you will make Arkansas proud!” -Asa Hutchinson Arkansas State Governer
“Great having Girls State at the Capitol yesterday. I know all of you will make Arkansas proud!”
Asa Hutchinson

Arkansas State Governer

"I just want to say thank you for paying the way for me to go. I'm so thankful for that amazing experience that I'll never forget! Thanks again!" - Tori Colbert

I just want to say thank you for paying the way for me to go. I’m so thankful for that amazing experience that I’ll never forget! Thanks again!

Tori Colbert

Are you up for the challenge? Developing leadership skills, confidence and action-based understanding of the government process gives young women a lasting foundation for success, both personally and professionally. The American Legion Auxiliary believes that educating youth about the basic ideals and principles of government will help ensure the survival of our democracy. ALA Arkansas Girls State is a unique and exciting government-in-action learning program in which Auxiliary members guide young women to become knowledgeable stewards of freedom, democracy and patriotic citizens. Purpose Statement To provide an outstanding, unique, and coveted educational opportunity for the young women of our nation that instills the basic ideals and principles of American government through the American Legion Auxiliary Girls State and American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation citizenship training programs.

What is ALA Girls State? The American Legion Auxiliary’s marquee Girls State program, first presented in 1937, is one of the most respected and coveted experiential learning programs presented in the United States. The program epitomizes the American Legion Auxiliary’s mission to honor those who have brought us our freedom through our enduring commitment and to develop young women as future leaders grounded in patriotism and Americanism. The young women become knowledgeable of the democratic process and how our republic form of government works at the state and national levels. Each summer, approximately 20,000 young women throughout the nation participate in week long ALA Girls State programs. Every American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program operates with the same patriotic values through a nonpartisan curriculum where students assume the roles of government leaders, campaigning as “Federalists” and “Nationalists” to become mayors and county and state officials of their own ALA Girls State. Arkansas is among the largest with over 800 young women participating each year. The program is a week long immersive learning experience held on a college campus where girls live in “cities” within the dormitory. The learning, experience, memories, and friendships last a lifetime.

Selection Process It is an honor to be selected as an ALA Arkansas Girls State citizen and delegate. Girls State citizens and delegates are a diverse group of young women who share a common desire to learn and lead. From small towns to big cities, the delegates’ backgrounds set the stage for a week long, spirited, experiential learning where ALA Girls State “citizens” hold “Girls State” elections. Delegates and citizens to the ALA Arkansas Girls State program are chosen on the following qualifications which include: Leadership, Character and Honesty, Academic Achievement, Scholarship, Cooperativeness and Community Participation and Service. The High School Principal and a selected committee of counselors, teachers and educators are key in the selection process at each high school. The Unit Chairman of the American Legion Auxiliary works closely with the schools in their area to aid in the selection process. The final approval of young women selected to attend must be left to the local American Legion Auxiliary Unit and the Department of Arkansas Girls State Committee. The number of Girls State citizens varies greatly by each state and is determined by that state’s American Legion Auxiliary resources. Many high profile and successful women in the sate of Arkansas and the United States today confirm their attendance as an American Legion Auxiliary Girls State Delegate among their achievements and credentials.

2018 Online Pre-registration For more information about ALA Arkansas Girls State 2018, please visit our entire website – especially Eligibility Selection. A Slide Show of pictures is available to give you a visual about the week at AGS. If you have completed the selection/interview process, you must complete the online pre-registration to receive the pre-registration number for the hard-copy paper registration form. A line is provided at the top of the paper registration form for this number. A registration form without this number will be returned.


A delegate or alternate is NOT accepted until the paper registration form has been received by the ALA office with the ID# included. Pre-registering on line and receiving an ID # WILL NOT register a delegate or alternate until the paper registration form with the ID# has been received.

Paperwork Terminology


Confirmation Letter

Following the online registration, and the acceptance of the paper registration and registration fee at the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Arkansas Headquarters, each Delegate will receive an acceptance letter. This letter will be sent to the registration email address. Letters will be sent by middle of May. Along with the one-page confirmation letter, the Delegate will also receive her City – County – Dorm assignment. Each Delegate will also receive specific instructions on the requirements to complete prior to attending ALA Arkansas Girls State. It is important that each Delegate complete each portion as instructed. The instructions on downloading the The ALA Arkansas Girls State Delegate Information Packet download link will be on the home page, along with the Samsung Scholarship link.

Delegate Information Packet

Approximately 20 pages, The Delegate Information Packet will contain necessary information including, but not limited to, what to bring, Samsung Scholarship link, medical form that must be completed as well as a “take at home” test to ensure that all delegates have the necessary information for a successful week.


All activities, meetings, elections, classes, everything will be printed and each delegate will receive a copy upon arrival. When it is ready, it will be on the website for any delegate to view. Each delegate will receive the final version upon arrival at AGS.

Thank You

We are pleased that you are interested in learning more about ALA Arkansas Girls State. We have posted all kinds of info about the program. We are planning more resources to the site – so check back. The American Legion Auxiliary, and specifically the Department of Arkansas, believes that educating our youth about the basic ideals and principals will help ensure the survival of our republic.


The American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program: • Develops leadership and pride in American citizens. • Educates citizens about our system of government. • Instills a greater understanding of American traditions. • Stimulates a desire to maintain our democratic government processes within our republic.

Scholarships National ALA Girls State program scholarships are funded by the American Legion Auxiliary and The American Legion, with additional support from various civic and nonprofit organizations. Scholarships ensure that participating young women incur only nominal expense. High school female students interested in scholarships are encouraged to contact their local Auxiliary units regarding availability and qualifications.

2018 AGS School Packet

2018 AGS Unit Packet

2018 AGS Delegate / Alternate Packet

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